Monday, June 26, 2006

Ultrasound Schedualed

They schedualed it for Fri. I will be exactly 20 weeks. First, of course i hope all is fine. No low lying placenta, no choriod plexus cysts, no abnormal kidneys or anything new that my other kids havent already had. All the above resolved for the kids that they belong to (except codes kidney is still abnormally shaped, BUT functions normally) Then ofcourse i hope they can tell the sex of the little one.
i will update on friday

Friday, June 23, 2006

19 weeks

WOW, 19 weeks already. I totally skipped my 18 week post but thats ok, not much happened anyway. This little booger is bumping into me all over the place :o) i really cant wait for Ben and the kids to feel it.
Still trying to get my ultrasound appt schedualed, i swear it's like a stupid circus at my Dr's office. Its supose to be schedualed for the first week in July (actually originally june 27th) and would you believe the girl on the phone said to call back on like July 10th?!?!?!?! to schedual it. wow, yeah, I know........ so they are looking at having someone schedual it at the hospital, umm, sounds good to me if someone from my dr's office would call me back. i dont know, i worked in a Dr's office for 5 yrs and it's really not THAT difficult. I do have to say it wasnt like that when i was pg with Matthew.......... mini rant, guess i need to get that out. so cross fingers the the back office girl will call back. Here's another little irk, i was never offered or reminded of the AFP testing and by my next appt it'll be to late, good that im not a 1st time mom and relying on my Drs to get this schedualed. I dont want to have it done anyway, wouldnt change anything about my pregnancy. My GTT is coming up soon, again noone has schedualed that either. suppose to be at 20 weeks.............. boy lets insert ~*circus theme song*~ oh, my july prenatal check up still isnt schedualed either, it's to be schedualed the 1 week of July also..............

Friday, June 09, 2006

17 weeks

nothing really new this week. Can't say I feel the baby anymore than what i thought i was before. I found out i really like sunflower seeds which goes really great with swollen ankles. We've been buisy this week. Cody started basketball camp and it finishes up tomorrow and then monday he starts football camp. He's pretty excited. I have been more buisy since school ended that when he was in school.

Monday, June 05, 2006

heard the heartbeat!!!!!!!!!

I went for my breast ultz results and he turned it into an ob appt. a student dr measured my stomach and it measure 16 weeks and my dr went for the heartbeat and we heard it. :o) it was so nice. that was the first time. Ben wasn't able to come to this appt (we really thought it was just going to be a F/U plus he's training an officer and today was the first day) so i felt bad that he missed the heartbeat. my dr pushed the ultz into july so im looking at after the holiday before we get that done, which is fine. the older the baby the easier it is to see the sex. (if s/he cooperates) if for some reason babyv is stubborn we have a back up plan :o) to go pay for one at one of those places. we had one with kaitlen and it was worth every penny.

Friday, June 02, 2006

16 weeks

Well I can't say that i officially feel the baby move. There is an occasional thump but I would have to say it skipped the whole fluttering feeling. This placenta is anterior so imagine that has alot to do with it. Codys was anterior too. I remember when I had the amnio with him they had to put the needle through the placenta.