Monday, July 31, 2006

Going by too fast!

The other day in the car cody asked how many days until Halloween. So we told him about 90. Then i said and about two weeks later the baby will be here!!!! That just doesn't seem that far away at all.
So School starts in Aug. Cody turns 7 in Sept (I turn 32) and Kaitlen turns 4 in Oct then Abigail is coming mid Nov. Shoot I think wrestling starts in Aug too. I think Code and Kaitlen will both be doing that and Kaitlen also wants to do dance. I need to check what nights classes will be on. Hhhmmmmm, now to think about Halloween costumes.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Abigails new clothes

Auntie Tina sent Abigail some clothes.

This outfit she got for Matthews birthday, but Kaitlen liked it so much that she's wearing it.

24 weeks

Well time is flying. It's amazing how fast this pregnancy is going. I still feel pretty good. Some heartburn and edema, not to bad yet. It's a little hard to bend over and put M's shoes on. I have to bring his foot to me instead of me to his foot. Ben still hasnt felt her move, she's smart, she knows when im touching my belly and when Ben is. LOL. Actually all the kids did that. They'd stop moving as soon as Ben put his hand on me. She sleeps alot, or dare i say sleeps alot in the day and is up at night while im sleeping when i dont feel her moving. YIKES, a night owl. Next week I'll go in for my GGT test and then see my Dr towards the middle of Aug.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

OB appt today

I had my appt today. I am 21.5 weeks. I somehow schedualed the appt at a time that Ben could not come but it also interferred with Matthew and Kaitlens nap. I had to wake them when we got there so i had two very grumpy kids with me. Both wanting me to hold them and then taking them all with me to the bathroom for the urine sample. (cody got to hang outside the bathroom door). then the Dr ran behind schedual, but the kids did good while he was in there and i told him that last night i stepped on a very rusty and large staple while pulling up carpet and i brought it with me so he could see it. I earned myself a tetnus shot because i was over due for it. Somehow it didnt hurt at all. The heartbeat sounded good. Ben has yet to hear the heartbeat :o(. next time. when i was waiting for my tetnus matthew had a meltdown while laying on the floor, when the Dr came back in Matthew just layed they quiet and still. I thought it was kinda funny and a nice break from the whineys. we were going to go to wal-mart afterwards but when i got into the parking lot the two older ones started going whacko and i almost went down the wrong direction in the parking lot and when i went to correct it i scared a man thinking i was going to hit him. So i called it quits and left the parking lot and went home.
oh, before my next appt i do go in to have my GGT done so they have it in time for my appt in Aug. With Matthew it was 137, 3 point under the radar. That number was actually very high for me, but in Ca they dont start off with the 1 hour you automatically do the 3 hour GTT. Here i wouldnt need to do the 3 hr unles my 1 hour is 140 or more but even with the first 3 pg i always had a very normal reading. Even one time with Kaitlen i had to have a random finger stick and it came back 97. so we'll see. Hopefully it's fine. I wouldnt have a problem controlling my diet or blood sugar it's just i dont need to birth any bigger babies than what i have.

Come meet Abigail Betty

Yep, it's a GIRL. I think everyone knows already, but i don't think everyone knows her name. We have had Abigail picked out for a very long time and of course Betty is Bens mom.