Wednesday, August 30, 2006

3D Ultz Sheduled!!

Our 3D ultrasound is scheduled for Fri the 8th. :o)

First hiccups

I forgot to put that last night Abigail had her first set of hiccups. They didn't last long, but they were there. Cody would get them all the time and they would last FOREVER.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

28 Weeks!

I was 28 weeks yesterday. Nothing new, Im in between appts. though i am supose to get my shot for being Rh - , I left a message with my Dr's office Friday morning and never heard anything back. So I'll call them on Monday again.
All is good. She is a pretty calm baby. She has her active moments but definitly likes to rest and she doesnt like me messing up her schedule.
My colostrum has come in, not real sure when it came in with the others. I kinda remember with Kaitlen but I believe it was much later than now.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Thinking of getting this

This is the floor nanny. It looks pretty cool and like something that would get many, many yrs of use. I could see Abigail sitting and ready her books from it. I do see a fight with Cody, Kaitlen and Matthew for one. Wonder if i could pull off making a knock-off for the older kids.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Had a dream

That i gave birth to a boy!! LOL. Maybe we will go get that 3D ultrasound done........

Friday, August 11, 2006

26 week appt

We went for our appt today and Ben got to go and it was the first time that he heard her heartbeat. It took forever to find it. She wouldn't stop moving around and even my Dr saw her kick my belly. Finally we heard a bit of it and she moved again. Everything else is going fine. I have put a total of 23#'s on. I only put 26#s on with matthews whole pg. I guess thats the difference between being sick with him and not with Abigail. I put 33#'s on with Kaitlen and 55 with Cody and 48 with Thomas. Who knows were I'll end up with Abigails weight. My sugars came back fine so that was good. Geez, right when the appt ended kaitlen totally farted and the Dr said, "was that what i think it was?" we were laughing so hard and then he touched her head and ever so serious Kaitlen says,"Dont touch me" OMGosh she's a pistol.