Saturday, May 27, 2006

15 weeks

i'm 15 weeks and it's gone by pretty fast. well 5 of those weeks i didnt know i was pg. some times i think i felt a tiny bump into my belly but not sure enough to say that i felt the baby move. with Thomas i felt him move at 18 weeks, Cody at 17 weeks, kaitlen at 16 weeks and Matthew for sure at 15 weeks but thought i felt something at 14 weeks. so any time now i'm hopeing to be sure about the baby moving.
Today was an exciting day. I found out that the wild kitten that bit me on tues and was having severe nurological problems on wed came back negative for rabies. My vet advised me to quit messing with wild animals. It was quit a scare so i'll be leaving any stray animals alone.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Whoa belly

This was at the creek this weekend and my sister-in-law took this pic and emailed it to me today. I had no idea i was that big. Now i know what Ben has been talking about. LOL I guess i was 14 weeks that day. Thats my niece Emily squirting me. She wants me to have a girl too.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Had to laugh

I was on Ivillage looking at my pregnancy calendar and i was reading all the way into week 17 and came across this..
Beyond hormonal changes, some men worry that they might hurt the fetus or that the fetus might be watching them while having sex (all untrue, but nevertheless not very arousing notions). Men can be unsettled by the realization that sex is for making babies, and breasts are for feeding them. Plus, because of hormonal changes, your vagina is darker-colored, has more discharge, smells different, and has more hair, which may make your partner feel like someone snuck in and redecorated his favorite room in the house.
OMGosh, I had to crack up that they even put that in there. Thats like something a guy would call it.

Thank You Heather

Thanks for my new template, I love it. It turned out really great. :o)