Tuesday, November 28, 2006

More gifts for the misses

These are from Sheryl. Look how cute her luggage tag is, handmade by Sheryl. To cute to use :o)

Here is the misses first Christmas outfit. I can't wait to put her in it.
She also got use some diapers and wipes, which are always a welcome gift.
Thank you Sheryl.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Belly

This is the day we came home from the hospital. Look about5 months pg there. What happened to my 40.2week belly??? It's kinda sad that i won't have that belly again, but at least I have the picture.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Abigails Birth Story

Well on Tues night Ben went to bed with the kids except for Matthew. Matthew was fighting going to sleep. It was around 11:30 and he was still wondering around the house. So I finally get him in the bed and think. He's not going to sleep and I'll go into labor. So i get comfy and i probably fall asleep for a bit but wake up at 12:30 on 11-22-06 with the shakes/chills but not cold. So I go to the bathroom and feel a contraction. Then i get back in bed and the shakes get worse and so i get back up and another contraction comes. So i think one more contraction and I'll wake up Ben. I get another and let him know we need to get the kids ready. So him and Thomas get the kids ready and in the car and the contractions keep coming. The drive to the hospital was interesting. Braking during a contraction is so not fun. So we get to the hospital at 1:30 and into a room and they check me and im a 7. They come back in a half hour and im complete at 10 cm's. They bring everyone in, break down the table and everyone gets ready for the pushing. They break my water with my first push. The pain with the pushing was horrible. The contractions were twice as painful than when i was dialating and when i would push it literally doubled the pain. So pushing was going no where. I really wanted to get up. i asked if i could get out of bed and they said no, that if she went under my pelvic bone then she would deliver right then. (sounded good to me) I started to have all my contractions in my back and not being able to handle that anymore I told them i needed too get off my back and was told no again. At that point I decided to stop pushing and went back to breathing through the contractions. I didnt know it but i guess i had said it out loud that I wasnt pushing anymore, lol. Which explains why they put the bed back together and the nurses and Dr's left the rom. I was pretty glad when they left. When one of the nurses came back in I told her even though i was complete that I would really like an epidural. Thankfully she came back with my consent forms and the Anesthesiologist was paged in from home and he was as nice as could be and did an awesome job with it. So while all this was going on the Dr's were discussing a C-sec. They even had the OR room prepared and ready for me. They thought she was to big because she wouldnt descend. I thought to myself, you've got to be kidding me. Plan for a c/s but not give me an epidural hours ago when i asked. So as soon as i layed back in bed with the epi all the Dr's and nurses came back in and I was told the OR was set up and that i need to push, but they won't use anything to assist in pulling her out. I thought OKKkkk. All i needed was some pain control. I pushed the misses out in 5 minutes. There was never a need for a C/S. She would have been born hours before if someone would have *listened* to mom. So at 5:14 am on 11-22-06 Little miss Abigail Betty Jo Velasco enter the world and our hearts and lives. She looked soooo tiny to me but was 9.8 and 21 1/2" long. She has black hair. More hair at birth than Kaitlen at 1 yr old. Kaitlen is a little mama to her. It is very sweet. Matthew is just amazed at her.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

an actual update.

I had a little mucous tonight. The first sign i've had that SOMETHING is actually going on. She may actually want to enter the world before Fri.

Monday, November 20, 2006

I'd Ground Her

But that would mean she would have to be out off her room first before i could ground her!!!!!!
When I got there they did a non stress test and it was fine. Then the Dr came in and checked me and said i was not dialated and we told him that the hospital said i was 2cm. He said they were probably stretching with there fingers. So when he checked again he said MAYBE 1 1/2 cm. I think he was being nice when he said that. My cervix is soft though. Ssssoooooo we are scheduled for an induction on Fri at 7am. They also sent me for an ultrasound to measure my amniotic fluid which measured normal according to the tech.
You know she has been kick back this whole pg that it isn't really all that surprising that she isn't HERE YET!!
The Dr did say that with her being my fifth that he would think I'd cough and have her, I think we all thought that.
I have put on 39#'s i was up to 40#'s but last week went down a pound and have stayd there.

belly,40.2 weeks

I had Ben take these yesterday. Today we have another appt. I hope today is the day.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Good Morning

Still here. You know what i thought i'd be doing today?? Today is the big UFC fight with Matt Hughes. I had invisioned all of us watching the fight with me holding little miss Abigail on the couch with some pillows and a blanket all snuggly. BUT no, she's not here. Sooooooo, we are going to eat Pollo Rico today with Bens brothers family and then tonight order the fight. Since the fight costs 30$ that will ensure that i will go into labor shortly after it starts so that we miss the whole thing, Right?, right.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Not Yet

Well today was d-day and she's not here yet. So this will be my 1st pregnancy to go overdue with. Definitly been a dinferent pg than the others. Layed back and everything. She isn't in any hurry thats for sure. Hope she's this calm when she is here. So i hope the contractions that i do have are working in my favor and im dialating so that would leave me with less work to do when labor actually hits. When will that be though??? i'll update tomorrow...........

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Appt update!!!! 39.6 weeks

He caught her HB on an acceleration again so he did a non-stress test and everything was fine but he wanted me to get monitored at the hospital so we went over there with high hopes. I was 2 cm's and was contracting and she did well during the contractions but the contractions were not regular enough for labor. So we got sent home, which is actually fine because there were somethings i wanted to do. I didnt make my bed this morning and felt weird about that. So maybe tomorrow??????? My Dr scheduled me an appt for monday but said i wouldnt make it to it. So sometime between now and monday she'll be here :o) lol. oh, my dr is on call at the hospital tomorrow BUT not the hospital im delivering at. He just found out its the other hospital. He did say when i go in if someone will call him he'll try to come.
Well last night when Ben got home i wasnt feeling well. Nauseated and some small contractions so i told him lets just go to bed and get some sleep in case this progesses. Well from what he says in about 10 minutes i was out and sawing logs. So he went to sleep pretty confident i wouldnt be waking him up in the middle of the night. So this morning, nothing. I was just tired from cleaning and doing laundry. I swear i washed every blanket and sheet in our house. so today i took a nap ( well not a real nap because the kids were awake, i just layed there in a vegatative state), got my ankles back to somewhat normal and now am going to take my shower and get ready for my appt. cross you fingers for something. I hope the misses is this layed back outside her cozy little home as she is in it.
Yesterday in the car all the kids were screaming and fighting and i told Ben thats why she's not in any hurry to come out. I dont blame her, it drove me up the wall.
We go straight to ballet from the dr's office so i'll update after ballet. so around 7ish unless it's really exciting news, then i'll email everyone.
wish me luck.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Kaitlen is so anxious

This morning Ben took the kids to school and He said that Thomas asked when I'd have the baby and Kaitlen said today. That i was going to have the baby today. Even when we went to the grocery store she said she wanted to go to the dr's office so i could have the baby. Th days not over yet :o)........ but still nothing going on.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Still Here

Poor Ben wasn't expecting to go to work today. He was hoping I would have gone into labor last night. The night went fine, as far as i know i didnt have any contractions. I slept ok, just many bathroom breaks. We were talking last night and with Kaitlen when we had left his moms house and that whole day i had no signs that i would be going into labor. I went to bed at about 11:30 and couldnt get comfortable so i went on the couch to sleep and after a bit realised it was having contractions in my back and then after about a half hour i couldnt handle the pain anymore so i woke up ben. He took the kids across the street and we headed to the hospital. hers started out of the blue and progressed really fast. So maybe thats how this will go??

Last night we ate Pollo Rico, way yummy. I had the chicken tacos and pollo adobado. They are so nice there. they always give us something extra. I'f we lived closer to there we'd be in trouble. We are planning on eating there "for Abigail" some time after she's born. I'm not sure if we'll cater it home or eat there. not that we need a reason to eat there. It's just really good.

Monday, November 13, 2006

car seat tester

This is Brownie, my stuffed animal. He is 27 yrs old. He is my official carseat tester to get the straps as close to the right length as possible. I've used him for all the kids carseats.

waiting and walking

Well yesterday we walked the mall and then walked walmart and nothing but swollen ankles and tired feet. I think today I'll just relax : o)

Friday, November 10, 2006

39 weeks, appt update

It's past midnight so im 39 weeks along. I had my appt and the Dr did an exam and there is NO CHANGE in my cervix, helloooo, nothing going on. i really havent had that many contractions so it's not all surprising, but at least a 2 or something. I see my regular dr on Thurs and as of now it looks like I'll make it to that appt. Though i measured 37 this time and last time 38 we have figured she has dropped which i told him explains why shes off of my ribs.
The misses gave us a scare. I woke up this morning at 5:30 and all of a sudden realised i couldnt remember the last time she moved. Then with all my might i couldnt get her to move. i wiggled and jiggled and pushed on her and she wouldnt budge. i ate some strawberries drank some water and still nothing. when Ben got up i told him and at 8 we called the drs office and instead of just uping my appt to the morning they sent us to L&D. so they put the monitor on and found her lovely heartbeat right away. It turns out she was moving, I just wasnt feeling it. (very weird) so they did a non stress test and she was fine. She did great through the contractions i was having. so we were sent home and ever so greatful it was all ok. she has since made up for the not moving episode and is kicking and jabbing away. so after Sunday we are going to work on getting this girl to come along. we'll see, she already has a mind of her own.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

I got her some stuff :o)

I went to go get her some recieving blankets and onsies and ended up getting her a blanket, socks and a couple outfits. I hadn't bought her anything untill now. Kaitlen can't wait to put the socks on her. :o)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

more clothes

One of the officers at Bens work got all this for Abigail. She did the same for Matthew. She said that we can't have any more babies as long as she's still living here.

Abigail handmade blanket

Abigails blanket that Auntie Anna made her with a matching hat. So, so very cute. Kaitlen dont know it but her and Emily are getting matching shawls for Christmas.

Here is a matching set of 6 month and 18 month clothes with bibs socks and wash clothes!! great set

Here are more outfits that auntie anna and uncle lani got miss abigail. She is set.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Got the last minute odds and ends today

We went and got the baby lotion, soap, dreft detergent, cotton balls, q-tips, wipes, SIZE 1 DIAPERS - awww. little hand mittens, bitty socks that im sure wont fit her feet but kaitlen picked them out. So i think we are ready for her to come. I just still have to wash her clothes, i'm so bad. Now, I still need my odds and ends. We have picked up some and still have a couple more things to get. then i need to pack my bag, I know, nothing like waiting till the last minute. Well, then i need to pack the kids bags too. It'll make it easier for auntie if they needs to change there clothes or put on there PJ's to just have it all right there. It's getting close.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

todays appt.

My Dr was out and i saw another Dr. I measured 38 weeks and her HB was 150. We talked about contractions and stuff. he looked at Matthews labor report and everything. He said he doesn't check the cervix unless maybe your a couple days before your due date but normally waits untill 41 weeks to do an internal exam. He doesnt want to risk introducing bacteria or anything. I understand all that, but I am curious to see whats going on. so we are definitly going at this with no intervention. No exam, no induction. we play the wait and see game. ( like everyone else, lol) I see him again next week and i imagine i wont make it to my appt after that. That appt would be with my regular Dr. and would be one day before my due date.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

3 weeks left!!!!!!!!

as of tomorrow, But today was my appt. My Dr was in the middle of admitting 2 pt's so he came in real quick so we wouldn't have to wait. We took a peek at the misses and she was head down, yea!!!. she has a very round head. I measured fine, her heart rate was fine. So now we just wait. My Dr will be gone for 2 weeks so I wont see him until my last week so I'll be seeing someone else. oh, my GBS test came back positive so i'll be on antibiotics when i go into labor. I had it with cody and were they had the IV it really burned when they started the antibiotics, hopefully that wont be a problem this time.
So I wonder when she'll come???? I'm thinking Nov. 15th
forgot to add i have put on a total of 35#'s. I passed up Kaitlens weight gain. now not to pass up Thomas' and definitly not Codys.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

I was thinking backwards

about Matthews last 3 appts and then remembered I would email everyone updates of his appts. So with 26 days left with Matthew (were im at with Abigail right now) i was 2-3 cm dialated 80% effaced. 19 days left with M i was 4 cm on the outside and 2 on the inside and paper thin. Then with 13days left with Matthew i was a solid 4 and they scheduled my induction for 7-6-04, plus my dr had stripped my membranes at my last 2 appts. The thing is with Matthew i was contracting all the time. Im not having any of that with Abigail, so i doubt anything is going on with her right now. I dont even think my dr will examine me at my appt this week.

Friday, October 20, 2006

4 weeks left!!

Awwww, she'll be here in 4 weeks. So exciting. I know Ben can't wait. He wants to see his little girl. I wonder what Matthew will think??? He'll probably say ME!! MINE!!! and think she's his. Then there will be a huge fight between him and Kaitlen, LOL

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ben was surprised :o)

At how big my belly has gotten in the last couple days. I guess with his schedule he really hasnt seen me naked in a couple days and today when i got out of the shower his eyes 'bout popped out of his head and couldnt believe how big my stomach was. I agreed that it has gotten bigger because within the last couple days i have gotten way more uncomfortable and have a hard time getting in and out of the car, up off the couch and out of bed. He's afraid she's going to be huge. I will have to get my DVD out of when i was pg with Matthew to see how big i was (thanks Sheryl) with him. It's actually good that im getting uncomfortable because it was awful weird to fly threw this pregnancy the way i did without any real complaints. So hopefully i will get tired of it all to the point where labor sounds good. you know your ready when your wishing labor upon yourself.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Appt update

I had my appt last week and everything was good. He caught her heartbeat on an acceleration so he waited to make sure it went down to normal. There was a student in there so everone was talking and it was a real nice appt. He went to feel for her head above my pelvic bone and it wasnt there. She is diagonal, from my Rt ribs to my Lt hip. I have no idea what side her head is on. He said at my next appt if he cant feel her head then he'll take a peak with an ultrasound. I really hope she goes head down because it would suck to have to go with a c-section with my last delivery. I have put on 29#'s, not so bad. I go back next week and then weekly after that.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Surprise Baby Shower

Saturday we went up to Mo to go see our Nephew play football. We dropped him of for pre-game stuff and then we all went to go eat some really good mexican food. I had an Asada taco and a choriso taco, next time I'll get two of each they were so good. :o) then we headed to see the game. Well the guys watched the game while Anna and I watched the kids, LOL i think i saw 2 plays. Lets say it was weird to see Christian in colors other than Gold and Blue. After the game we went to see Lani and Annas house that they are having built and it is amazing, it's turning out really nice. Then we headed on to their house for dinner. well everyone went in before me because M had a poopie ( wonder if he planned it, lol) so i changed him in the car and went to go in and the door was kinda stuck and then they opened the door and i went in and the dinning room was decorated and i said oh, wow, then i thought "whos birthday is it?" then realized it was all in pink and said It's a Girl, it was for me and Abigail. I was so surprised. They did a great job keeping it a secret. We had the yummiest dinner. Chicken moley (sp?) Lani's famour guacamole and shrimp cocktail. Anna's famous rice, white and mexican. I ate so much then we had baby bootie cupcakes and pie for dessert. let me say the chicken and rice taste just as good cold as a leftover as it does heated. I ate the rest of it today :p Here are some pics from Sat, I'll take better ones of the clothes later.

more to come later blogger isnt up loading my other pics

Saturday, October 07, 2006

6 weeks left!!!!!!!!

wowzers, not much new. I havent seen my dr yet. that'll be next week. Still doing pretty good. She has grown alot. I have gone from getting up once at night to go to the bathroom to getting up 4-5 times a night. She is definilty squishing my bladder. i must say i enjoyed the sleep while it lasted. She moves around ALOT more, what happened to my sleeper???? she favors my right side especially my ribs(in my back) and rt pelvic. Picking up the kids toys is not so easy, putting kids shoes on is a chore too. i bought Matthew some Crocs to make it easier, he loves them and can put them on his self. I'll update more next week. Oh, no contractions or anything, so much different than matthews pg

Saturday, September 30, 2006

7 weeks left

WOW, as of yesterday i am 33 weeks along. It's such an easy pg that it has just flown by. Crazy, Crazy. I remember when i had 7 weeks left with Cody it felt like an eternity away. With Abigail i just can't believe thats all the time we have left. Weird.
At my next appt i'll get my GBS test done. *must remember to shave legs, LOL. Then after that appt it's once every week untill I deliver. We skipped the every two week appts because there was really no reason to do it.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Snug as a bug

or something like that. Last night Abigail scooted herself all the way over to my right side and planted herself between my ribs and pelvic bone. Not just that she was also pushing on both and on my round ligament. Let me say it hurt. So i tried to walk to go get an ice pack to make her move but i could only go two steps because every time i put weight on my rt foot it would add to the pain. So i stood there thinking if i call for Ben, who was sleeping, i would end up scaring him thinking something was wrong. Then i thought well I'll call for thomas, but then thought if it woke Ben up he'd get worried that it was something bad. So i thought and looked at Kaitlen and asked her to go to the freezer and grab something cold. The sweet little thing came back with a hand made ice pack that her and cody made. The other day they put water in a ziplock baggie and put it in the freezer and it made the perfect ice pack. So i slapped that puppy right were she was at and sure enough she began to migrate back toward the middle and i was able to move again. silly girl!!

Friday, September 15, 2006

3D Ultrasound Pictures

We went last friday for the 3D U/S and it was amazing to see her. She looks just like the other kids. She was continuosly playing with the umbilical cord and putting her hand and the cord in front of her face. On the 2D ultz we saw her swallow and heard her heartbeat. The tech checked to make sure she was still a she and she is :o)

Abigail, side shot.

Pretty good face shot. Her mouth, chubby cheek,
nose, eye brows.

squished face, fat cheek. :o)

Nose, eye, lips, cheek

The Princess with her hand against her forehead.

nose, mouth, eye, cheek

31 weeks

i'm 31 weeks today. I had my appt yesterday. I have put on 27#'s so i offically passed what I put on with Matthew by the time I delivered him. With him though i was still throwing up at this stage.
My appt went good. It turns out my Dr's birthday is the same as my due date and he is on call at the hospital that day. What would the chances be that she'd be a due date baby? Kaitlen was. I was a little dehydrated and it showed up on my urine dip, shame on me.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Coming home outfit

Showing off for Daddy

After dinner we went for an ice cream, well not me i had no room for one but everyone else wanted to try the peach slush at Sonic so while we were there she was moving all over so i lifted up my shirt and Ben was amazed at how she was moving my stomach all over the place. She had knees, feet and elbows going all over. She showed off for a while. I would say that was the most she has ever moved. I think she was having a hard time getting comfortable.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

30 week belly pics

Here i am at 30 weeks with Miss Abigail before we headed off for our 3D ultrasound.

Bare belly shot

Friday, September 01, 2006

29 Weeks

Only 11 more to go. It is going by wicked fast. I had my shot yesterday for being Rh - so at least that is taken care of.
So far so good. SHe still sleeps alot and doesnt like to be disturbed. If i change my sleep schedule it irritates her. I am thinking she is going to be a sucky traveler. Especially if it means getting woke from a nap. She moves about 4 times a day (told you not alot) But i can definilty get the kick count in each time. And since this has been her norm i am not really worried.
Yesterday a part of her body was under my rib and i pressed against it and she jerked it away. lol.
Ben cant wait to hold her and see her. He wonders if she'll look like Kaitlen. Since they all look like Ben i am betting she will too. But will she get the asian eyes and tan skin like Kaitlen or will she be pale like matthew? Will she have the light hair or could it be possible that she actually gets my dark hair??? Brown eyes or green? or that small chance of blue. hhhhmmmmm we'll have to wait and see.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

3D Ultz Sheduled!!

Our 3D ultrasound is scheduled for Fri the 8th. :o)

First hiccups

I forgot to put that last night Abigail had her first set of hiccups. They didn't last long, but they were there. Cody would get them all the time and they would last FOREVER.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

28 Weeks!

I was 28 weeks yesterday. Nothing new, Im in between appts. though i am supose to get my shot for being Rh - , I left a message with my Dr's office Friday morning and never heard anything back. So I'll call them on Monday again.
All is good. She is a pretty calm baby. She has her active moments but definitly likes to rest and she doesnt like me messing up her schedule.
My colostrum has come in, not real sure when it came in with the others. I kinda remember with Kaitlen but I believe it was much later than now.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Thinking of getting this

This is the floor nanny. It looks pretty cool and like something that would get many, many yrs of use. I could see Abigail sitting and ready her books from it. I do see a fight with Cody, Kaitlen and Matthew for one. Wonder if i could pull off making a knock-off for the older kids.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Had a dream

That i gave birth to a boy!! LOL. Maybe we will go get that 3D ultrasound done........

Friday, August 11, 2006

26 week appt

We went for our appt today and Ben got to go and it was the first time that he heard her heartbeat. It took forever to find it. She wouldn't stop moving around and even my Dr saw her kick my belly. Finally we heard a bit of it and she moved again. Everything else is going fine. I have put a total of 23#'s on. I only put 26#s on with matthews whole pg. I guess thats the difference between being sick with him and not with Abigail. I put 33#'s on with Kaitlen and 55 with Cody and 48 with Thomas. Who knows were I'll end up with Abigails weight. My sugars came back fine so that was good. Geez, right when the appt ended kaitlen totally farted and the Dr said, "was that what i think it was?" we were laughing so hard and then he touched her head and ever so serious Kaitlen says,"Dont touch me" OMGosh she's a pistol.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Going by too fast!

The other day in the car cody asked how many days until Halloween. So we told him about 90. Then i said and about two weeks later the baby will be here!!!! That just doesn't seem that far away at all.
So School starts in Aug. Cody turns 7 in Sept (I turn 32) and Kaitlen turns 4 in Oct then Abigail is coming mid Nov. Shoot I think wrestling starts in Aug too. I think Code and Kaitlen will both be doing that and Kaitlen also wants to do dance. I need to check what nights classes will be on. Hhhmmmmm, now to think about Halloween costumes.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Abigails new clothes

Auntie Tina sent Abigail some clothes.

This outfit she got for Matthews birthday, but Kaitlen liked it so much that she's wearing it.

24 weeks

Well time is flying. It's amazing how fast this pregnancy is going. I still feel pretty good. Some heartburn and edema, not to bad yet. It's a little hard to bend over and put M's shoes on. I have to bring his foot to me instead of me to his foot. Ben still hasnt felt her move, she's smart, she knows when im touching my belly and when Ben is. LOL. Actually all the kids did that. They'd stop moving as soon as Ben put his hand on me. She sleeps alot, or dare i say sleeps alot in the day and is up at night while im sleeping when i dont feel her moving. YIKES, a night owl. Next week I'll go in for my GGT test and then see my Dr towards the middle of Aug.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

OB appt today

I had my appt today. I am 21.5 weeks. I somehow schedualed the appt at a time that Ben could not come but it also interferred with Matthew and Kaitlens nap. I had to wake them when we got there so i had two very grumpy kids with me. Both wanting me to hold them and then taking them all with me to the bathroom for the urine sample. (cody got to hang outside the bathroom door). then the Dr ran behind schedual, but the kids did good while he was in there and i told him that last night i stepped on a very rusty and large staple while pulling up carpet and i brought it with me so he could see it. I earned myself a tetnus shot because i was over due for it. Somehow it didnt hurt at all. The heartbeat sounded good. Ben has yet to hear the heartbeat :o(. next time. when i was waiting for my tetnus matthew had a meltdown while laying on the floor, when the Dr came back in Matthew just layed they quiet and still. I thought it was kinda funny and a nice break from the whineys. we were going to go to wal-mart afterwards but when i got into the parking lot the two older ones started going whacko and i almost went down the wrong direction in the parking lot and when i went to correct it i scared a man thinking i was going to hit him. So i called it quits and left the parking lot and went home.
oh, before my next appt i do go in to have my GGT done so they have it in time for my appt in Aug. With Matthew it was 137, 3 point under the radar. That number was actually very high for me, but in Ca they dont start off with the 1 hour you automatically do the 3 hour GTT. Here i wouldnt need to do the 3 hr unles my 1 hour is 140 or more but even with the first 3 pg i always had a very normal reading. Even one time with Kaitlen i had to have a random finger stick and it came back 97. so we'll see. Hopefully it's fine. I wouldnt have a problem controlling my diet or blood sugar it's just i dont need to birth any bigger babies than what i have.

Come meet Abigail Betty

Yep, it's a GIRL. I think everyone knows already, but i don't think everyone knows her name. We have had Abigail picked out for a very long time and of course Betty is Bens mom.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Ultrasound Schedualed

They schedualed it for Fri. I will be exactly 20 weeks. First, of course i hope all is fine. No low lying placenta, no choriod plexus cysts, no abnormal kidneys or anything new that my other kids havent already had. All the above resolved for the kids that they belong to (except codes kidney is still abnormally shaped, BUT functions normally) Then ofcourse i hope they can tell the sex of the little one.
i will update on friday

Friday, June 23, 2006

19 weeks

WOW, 19 weeks already. I totally skipped my 18 week post but thats ok, not much happened anyway. This little booger is bumping into me all over the place :o) i really cant wait for Ben and the kids to feel it.
Still trying to get my ultrasound appt schedualed, i swear it's like a stupid circus at my Dr's office. Its supose to be schedualed for the first week in July (actually originally june 27th) and would you believe the girl on the phone said to call back on like July 10th?!?!?!?! to schedual it. wow, yeah, I know........ so they are looking at having someone schedual it at the hospital, umm, sounds good to me if someone from my dr's office would call me back. i dont know, i worked in a Dr's office for 5 yrs and it's really not THAT difficult. I do have to say it wasnt like that when i was pg with Matthew.......... mini rant, guess i need to get that out. so cross fingers the the back office girl will call back. Here's another little irk, i was never offered or reminded of the AFP testing and by my next appt it'll be to late, good that im not a 1st time mom and relying on my Drs to get this schedualed. I dont want to have it done anyway, wouldnt change anything about my pregnancy. My GTT is coming up soon, again noone has schedualed that either. suppose to be at 20 weeks.............. boy lets insert ~*circus theme song*~ oh, my july prenatal check up still isnt schedualed either, it's to be schedualed the 1 week of July also..............

Friday, June 09, 2006

17 weeks

nothing really new this week. Can't say I feel the baby anymore than what i thought i was before. I found out i really like sunflower seeds which goes really great with swollen ankles. We've been buisy this week. Cody started basketball camp and it finishes up tomorrow and then monday he starts football camp. He's pretty excited. I have been more buisy since school ended that when he was in school.

Monday, June 05, 2006

heard the heartbeat!!!!!!!!!

I went for my breast ultz results and he turned it into an ob appt. a student dr measured my stomach and it measure 16 weeks and my dr went for the heartbeat and we heard it. :o) it was so nice. that was the first time. Ben wasn't able to come to this appt (we really thought it was just going to be a F/U plus he's training an officer and today was the first day) so i felt bad that he missed the heartbeat. my dr pushed the ultz into july so im looking at after the holiday before we get that done, which is fine. the older the baby the easier it is to see the sex. (if s/he cooperates) if for some reason babyv is stubborn we have a back up plan :o) to go pay for one at one of those places. we had one with kaitlen and it was worth every penny.

Friday, June 02, 2006

16 weeks

Well I can't say that i officially feel the baby move. There is an occasional thump but I would have to say it skipped the whole fluttering feeling. This placenta is anterior so imagine that has alot to do with it. Codys was anterior too. I remember when I had the amnio with him they had to put the needle through the placenta.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

15 weeks

i'm 15 weeks and it's gone by pretty fast. well 5 of those weeks i didnt know i was pg. some times i think i felt a tiny bump into my belly but not sure enough to say that i felt the baby move. with Thomas i felt him move at 18 weeks, Cody at 17 weeks, kaitlen at 16 weeks and Matthew for sure at 15 weeks but thought i felt something at 14 weeks. so any time now i'm hopeing to be sure about the baby moving.
Today was an exciting day. I found out that the wild kitten that bit me on tues and was having severe nurological problems on wed came back negative for rabies. My vet advised me to quit messing with wild animals. It was quit a scare so i'll be leaving any stray animals alone.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Whoa belly

This was at the creek this weekend and my sister-in-law took this pic and emailed it to me today. I had no idea i was that big. Now i know what Ben has been talking about. LOL I guess i was 14 weeks that day. Thats my niece Emily squirting me. She wants me to have a girl too.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Had to laugh

I was on Ivillage looking at my pregnancy calendar and i was reading all the way into week 17 and came across this..
Beyond hormonal changes, some men worry that they might hurt the fetus or that the fetus might be watching them while having sex (all untrue, but nevertheless not very arousing notions). Men can be unsettled by the realization that sex is for making babies, and breasts are for feeding them. Plus, because of hormonal changes, your vagina is darker-colored, has more discharge, smells different, and has more hair, which may make your partner feel like someone snuck in and redecorated his favorite room in the house.
OMGosh, I had to crack up that they even put that in there. Thats like something a guy would call it.

Thank You Heather

Thanks for my new template, I love it. It turned out really great. :o)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

bought a maternity outfit

After Matthew was born I gave all my maternity clothes to a freind. We had no plans to have anymore lovebugs. (did the same thing after we had Kaitlen, lol, not a very effective form of birth control) Bens brother is getting married this weekend and i needed something to wear. i can fit in one pair of my pants, but they are denim and it wouldnt go for a wedding. The wedding is a Hawaiian theme so i didnt have to get anything dressy. So we went to kohls and they had a small but descent selection. Its a greenish color top and some brown pants that dont have that stretchy materal over the belly. they look like normal pants. it's a cute outfit, but i looke huge in it. its not that im showing, its just i dont fit in my pants. Though ben says that i am showing.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

My rings don't fit

my fingers swell to much to keep wearing my rings. This is the earliest this has ever happened. So I am now wearing Bens wedding band that doesnt fit him anymore..... lol..... along time ago I got Ben a new band because his original didnt fit him anymore. so now i wear the one from the day we said I do. It's a little loose now but by the time i deliver it won't be. On our one yr anniversary i had it engraved with our song, Buicks to the moon by Alan Jackson. The guy probably though i was weird but when Ben saw it he got teary eyed. So even though I'll miss my big hunkin diamond (ok, it's not abnormally big or anything, it's normal) I do enjoy wearing his band.

Friday, April 21, 2006

10 weeks today

We'll I am 10 weeks today. I'm even further along if you go by my doctor but I wont get my hopes untill after the ultrasound. Im still tired and still have morning sickness. Actually it's worse in the evening. The little thing above is a ticker and tomorrow it should say 10.1 weeks pregnant. i'l have to see tomorrow if it works.

ETA: I don't think blogger supports gif. so no working tickers here. o'well

can't eat sweets

They make me really sick. It's kind of a bummer. I told Ben not to bring anything sweet home anymore. His birthday is next friday, i know we'll have a cake. would he be upset if i made a sugar free cake..... lol. Poor guy. maybe i'll have sugar free pudding or i could probably do sugar free strawberry shortcake. shoot, i remember every summer when betty would do strawberry short cakes and have a seperate bowl of strawberries for Bill. his were sweatend with sweet and low although i think he had the same cool whip that the rest of us used. i know they make a sugar free one, if not whipping cream is just fine. I hope this isn't hinting toward gestational diabetes. I was only 3 points under with Matthew. I had never been that high with any of the others. We shall wait and see. oh geez, that drink is going to make me sick.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My surprise OB appt.

I went to the Dr for the f/u on my breast pain and Dr. Burrow decided to do my first OB appt so i wouldn't have to come back next week. I thought OH great, i didn't shave my bikini line, not that he cares, but I do. I quickly got over that. So he rechecked my breast and still found nothing wrong. The pain is much better since matthew was weaned, but not completly gone. Since it's getting better and it wasn't that long ago that matthew weaned he wants to give it 2 months and if it's still there then we'll go for a mammo. He also schedualed my first ultrasound for May 15th at his office and then after the ultrasound I'll have my next ob appt and I'll finally get to hear the heart beat. I'll see it on the ultrasound, maybe hear it on there too. I guess the ultrasoud will also give me my final duedate. He is going with the one on the 7th or 8th, I dont even remember what it is. whoops........

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My OB nurse appt

Today I saw the OB nurse and had my blood drawn. The lab did good at drawing the blood, yea. The appt with the nurse went fine. She just went over my history and she did change my due date. She went off the first day of my cycle but didnt adjust the days for it being a 36 day cycle. So i believe she said Nov8th, but i *know* it cant be. so I'll stick with Nov 17th untill the ultrasound. Because Nov 8th would put my weeks off and I wouldn't get my shot for being Rh- during the right week and if they induce again this time it would make the induction to early. So we'll wait and see. My appt with my Dr is on the 25th.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

sleep, sleep, sleep

Thats all I want to do these days. I am wiped out all the time. last night I fell asleep after dinner and didnt get back up untill after 9pm and then this morning. I get up at 10:45 only because Ben called to see if were amoung the living and the phone woke me up. It's kinda weird that the kids slept that long too.

Friday, April 07, 2006

8 weeks!!!!!!

Well today i am 8 weeks along. The morning sickness is alot better. They gave me Meclezine (sp?) im to lazy to go check the spelling on the bottle, maybe later i'll edit it. You wont believe what i went throught just to get it. you would of thought i was asking for some addictive narcotic or something. I am extremely fatigued, it's crazy. I see the nurse on the 13th and then she'll schedual my 1st Dr's appt.
ETA: Meclizine, correct spelling

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pregnancy blog

I thought I'd set a blog up just for this pregnancy.