Wednesday, April 26, 2006

bought a maternity outfit

After Matthew was born I gave all my maternity clothes to a freind. We had no plans to have anymore lovebugs. (did the same thing after we had Kaitlen, lol, not a very effective form of birth control) Bens brother is getting married this weekend and i needed something to wear. i can fit in one pair of my pants, but they are denim and it wouldnt go for a wedding. The wedding is a Hawaiian theme so i didnt have to get anything dressy. So we went to kohls and they had a small but descent selection. Its a greenish color top and some brown pants that dont have that stretchy materal over the belly. they look like normal pants. it's a cute outfit, but i looke huge in it. its not that im showing, its just i dont fit in my pants. Though ben says that i am showing.

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Sheryl said...

Funny how those baby bumps can cause *serious* clothing issues long before you can actually *see* them, isn't it! Y'all have fun at the wedding and don't throw your back out doing the hula!! LOL