Friday, April 21, 2006

10 weeks today

We'll I am 10 weeks today. I'm even further along if you go by my doctor but I wont get my hopes untill after the ultrasound. Im still tired and still have morning sickness. Actually it's worse in the evening. The little thing above is a ticker and tomorrow it should say 10.1 weeks pregnant. i'l have to see tomorrow if it works.

ETA: I don't think blogger supports gif. so no working tickers here. o'well


Sheryl said...

love your new template ... did you get that off Blogger or somewhere else?

Sorry to hear you're still feeling sick. Seems really unfair that you'd have to deal with this again!

Lisa said...

Thank You, I got it off blogger. It's called rounders 4. I like the green it makes me think of a nice summer day just after a rain.

I know, i was really hoping to skip it. Even though it's not like with Matthew it seems like i just have a low tolerance for even being nauseated now.