Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My surprise OB appt.

I went to the Dr for the f/u on my breast pain and Dr. Burrow decided to do my first OB appt so i wouldn't have to come back next week. I thought OH great, i didn't shave my bikini line, not that he cares, but I do. I quickly got over that. So he rechecked my breast and still found nothing wrong. The pain is much better since matthew was weaned, but not completly gone. Since it's getting better and it wasn't that long ago that matthew weaned he wants to give it 2 months and if it's still there then we'll go for a mammo. He also schedualed my first ultrasound for May 15th at his office and then after the ultrasound I'll have my next ob appt and I'll finally get to hear the heart beat. I'll see it on the ultrasound, maybe hear it on there too. I guess the ultrasoud will also give me my final duedate. He is going with the one on the 7th or 8th, I dont even remember what it is. whoops........

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