Friday, April 21, 2006

can't eat sweets

They make me really sick. It's kind of a bummer. I told Ben not to bring anything sweet home anymore. His birthday is next friday, i know we'll have a cake. would he be upset if i made a sugar free cake..... lol. Poor guy. maybe i'll have sugar free pudding or i could probably do sugar free strawberry shortcake. shoot, i remember every summer when betty would do strawberry short cakes and have a seperate bowl of strawberries for Bill. his were sweatend with sweet and low although i think he had the same cool whip that the rest of us used. i know they make a sugar free one, if not whipping cream is just fine. I hope this isn't hinting toward gestational diabetes. I was only 3 points under with Matthew. I had never been that high with any of the others. We shall wait and see. oh geez, that drink is going to make me sick.

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