Wednesday, April 26, 2006

bought a maternity outfit

After Matthew was born I gave all my maternity clothes to a freind. We had no plans to have anymore lovebugs. (did the same thing after we had Kaitlen, lol, not a very effective form of birth control) Bens brother is getting married this weekend and i needed something to wear. i can fit in one pair of my pants, but they are denim and it wouldnt go for a wedding. The wedding is a Hawaiian theme so i didnt have to get anything dressy. So we went to kohls and they had a small but descent selection. Its a greenish color top and some brown pants that dont have that stretchy materal over the belly. they look like normal pants. it's a cute outfit, but i looke huge in it. its not that im showing, its just i dont fit in my pants. Though ben says that i am showing.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

My rings don't fit

my fingers swell to much to keep wearing my rings. This is the earliest this has ever happened. So I am now wearing Bens wedding band that doesnt fit him anymore..... lol..... along time ago I got Ben a new band because his original didnt fit him anymore. so now i wear the one from the day we said I do. It's a little loose now but by the time i deliver it won't be. On our one yr anniversary i had it engraved with our song, Buicks to the moon by Alan Jackson. The guy probably though i was weird but when Ben saw it he got teary eyed. So even though I'll miss my big hunkin diamond (ok, it's not abnormally big or anything, it's normal) I do enjoy wearing his band.

Friday, April 21, 2006

10 weeks today

We'll I am 10 weeks today. I'm even further along if you go by my doctor but I wont get my hopes untill after the ultrasound. Im still tired and still have morning sickness. Actually it's worse in the evening. The little thing above is a ticker and tomorrow it should say 10.1 weeks pregnant. i'l have to see tomorrow if it works.

ETA: I don't think blogger supports gif. so no working tickers here. o'well

can't eat sweets

They make me really sick. It's kind of a bummer. I told Ben not to bring anything sweet home anymore. His birthday is next friday, i know we'll have a cake. would he be upset if i made a sugar free cake..... lol. Poor guy. maybe i'll have sugar free pudding or i could probably do sugar free strawberry shortcake. shoot, i remember every summer when betty would do strawberry short cakes and have a seperate bowl of strawberries for Bill. his were sweatend with sweet and low although i think he had the same cool whip that the rest of us used. i know they make a sugar free one, if not whipping cream is just fine. I hope this isn't hinting toward gestational diabetes. I was only 3 points under with Matthew. I had never been that high with any of the others. We shall wait and see. oh geez, that drink is going to make me sick.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

My surprise OB appt.

I went to the Dr for the f/u on my breast pain and Dr. Burrow decided to do my first OB appt so i wouldn't have to come back next week. I thought OH great, i didn't shave my bikini line, not that he cares, but I do. I quickly got over that. So he rechecked my breast and still found nothing wrong. The pain is much better since matthew was weaned, but not completly gone. Since it's getting better and it wasn't that long ago that matthew weaned he wants to give it 2 months and if it's still there then we'll go for a mammo. He also schedualed my first ultrasound for May 15th at his office and then after the ultrasound I'll have my next ob appt and I'll finally get to hear the heart beat. I'll see it on the ultrasound, maybe hear it on there too. I guess the ultrasoud will also give me my final duedate. He is going with the one on the 7th or 8th, I dont even remember what it is. whoops........

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My OB nurse appt

Today I saw the OB nurse and had my blood drawn. The lab did good at drawing the blood, yea. The appt with the nurse went fine. She just went over my history and she did change my due date. She went off the first day of my cycle but didnt adjust the days for it being a 36 day cycle. So i believe she said Nov8th, but i *know* it cant be. so I'll stick with Nov 17th untill the ultrasound. Because Nov 8th would put my weeks off and I wouldn't get my shot for being Rh- during the right week and if they induce again this time it would make the induction to early. So we'll wait and see. My appt with my Dr is on the 25th.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

sleep, sleep, sleep

Thats all I want to do these days. I am wiped out all the time. last night I fell asleep after dinner and didnt get back up untill after 9pm and then this morning. I get up at 10:45 only because Ben called to see if were amoung the living and the phone woke me up. It's kinda weird that the kids slept that long too.

Friday, April 07, 2006

8 weeks!!!!!!

Well today i am 8 weeks along. The morning sickness is alot better. They gave me Meclezine (sp?) im to lazy to go check the spelling on the bottle, maybe later i'll edit it. You wont believe what i went throught just to get it. you would of thought i was asking for some addictive narcotic or something. I am extremely fatigued, it's crazy. I see the nurse on the 13th and then she'll schedual my 1st Dr's appt.
ETA: Meclizine, correct spelling

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pregnancy blog

I thought I'd set a blog up just for this pregnancy.