Friday, April 07, 2006

8 weeks!!!!!!

Well today i am 8 weeks along. The morning sickness is alot better. They gave me Meclezine (sp?) im to lazy to go check the spelling on the bottle, maybe later i'll edit it. You wont believe what i went throught just to get it. you would of thought i was asking for some addictive narcotic or something. I am extremely fatigued, it's crazy. I see the nurse on the 13th and then she'll schedual my 1st Dr's appt.
ETA: Meclizine, correct spelling


Sheryl said...

Glad to see you're still on ... I've been wondering about you! So which OB did you decide to go with??

Lisa said...

I know i haven't been around too much. I am so fatigued, it's crazy. Well I am such a creature of habit that even though I called our insurance and changed PCP's I went ahead and changed it back and will be seeing Dr. Burrow. I have a feeling it was more of the nurses than the Dr's. When i worked in a Dr's office i would have bent over backwards for my patients (and did)