Monday, June 05, 2006

heard the heartbeat!!!!!!!!!

I went for my breast ultz results and he turned it into an ob appt. a student dr measured my stomach and it measure 16 weeks and my dr went for the heartbeat and we heard it. :o) it was so nice. that was the first time. Ben wasn't able to come to this appt (we really thought it was just going to be a F/U plus he's training an officer and today was the first day) so i felt bad that he missed the heartbeat. my dr pushed the ultz into july so im looking at after the holiday before we get that done, which is fine. the older the baby the easier it is to see the sex. (if s/he cooperates) if for some reason babyv is stubborn we have a back up plan :o) to go pay for one at one of those places. we had one with kaitlen and it was worth every penny.

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