Thursday, November 16, 2006

Appt update!!!! 39.6 weeks

He caught her HB on an acceleration again so he did a non-stress test and everything was fine but he wanted me to get monitored at the hospital so we went over there with high hopes. I was 2 cm's and was contracting and she did well during the contractions but the contractions were not regular enough for labor. So we got sent home, which is actually fine because there were somethings i wanted to do. I didnt make my bed this morning and felt weird about that. So maybe tomorrow??????? My Dr scheduled me an appt for monday but said i wouldnt make it to it. So sometime between now and monday she'll be here :o) lol. oh, my dr is on call at the hospital tomorrow BUT not the hospital im delivering at. He just found out its the other hospital. He did say when i go in if someone will call him he'll try to come.

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