Thursday, November 16, 2006

Well last night when Ben got home i wasnt feeling well. Nauseated and some small contractions so i told him lets just go to bed and get some sleep in case this progesses. Well from what he says in about 10 minutes i was out and sawing logs. So he went to sleep pretty confident i wouldnt be waking him up in the middle of the night. So this morning, nothing. I was just tired from cleaning and doing laundry. I swear i washed every blanket and sheet in our house. so today i took a nap ( well not a real nap because the kids were awake, i just layed there in a vegatative state), got my ankles back to somewhat normal and now am going to take my shower and get ready for my appt. cross you fingers for something. I hope the misses is this layed back outside her cozy little home as she is in it.
Yesterday in the car all the kids were screaming and fighting and i told Ben thats why she's not in any hurry to come out. I dont blame her, it drove me up the wall.
We go straight to ballet from the dr's office so i'll update after ballet. so around 7ish unless it's really exciting news, then i'll email everyone.
wish me luck.

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