Friday, September 01, 2006

29 Weeks

Only 11 more to go. It is going by wicked fast. I had my shot yesterday for being Rh - so at least that is taken care of.
So far so good. SHe still sleeps alot and doesnt like to be disturbed. If i change my sleep schedule it irritates her. I am thinking she is going to be a sucky traveler. Especially if it means getting woke from a nap. She moves about 4 times a day (told you not alot) But i can definilty get the kick count in each time. And since this has been her norm i am not really worried.
Yesterday a part of her body was under my rib and i pressed against it and she jerked it away. lol.
Ben cant wait to hold her and see her. He wonders if she'll look like Kaitlen. Since they all look like Ben i am betting she will too. But will she get the asian eyes and tan skin like Kaitlen or will she be pale like matthew? Will she have the light hair or could it be possible that she actually gets my dark hair??? Brown eyes or green? or that small chance of blue. hhhhmmmmm we'll have to wait and see.

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