Monday, July 31, 2006

Going by too fast!

The other day in the car cody asked how many days until Halloween. So we told him about 90. Then i said and about two weeks later the baby will be here!!!! That just doesn't seem that far away at all.
So School starts in Aug. Cody turns 7 in Sept (I turn 32) and Kaitlen turns 4 in Oct then Abigail is coming mid Nov. Shoot I think wrestling starts in Aug too. I think Code and Kaitlen will both be doing that and Kaitlen also wants to do dance. I need to check what nights classes will be on. Hhhmmmmm, now to think about Halloween costumes.

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Sheryl said...

Hmmmmmm ... now to take an Advil and go to bed ... your to-do list wears me out just reading it (grin)