Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Snug as a bug

or something like that. Last night Abigail scooted herself all the way over to my right side and planted herself between my ribs and pelvic bone. Not just that she was also pushing on both and on my round ligament. Let me say it hurt. So i tried to walk to go get an ice pack to make her move but i could only go two steps because every time i put weight on my rt foot it would add to the pain. So i stood there thinking if i call for Ben, who was sleeping, i would end up scaring him thinking something was wrong. Then i thought well I'll call for thomas, but then thought if it woke Ben up he'd get worried that it was something bad. So i thought and looked at Kaitlen and asked her to go to the freezer and grab something cold. The sweet little thing came back with a hand made ice pack that her and cody made. The other day they put water in a ziplock baggie and put it in the freezer and it made the perfect ice pack. So i slapped that puppy right were she was at and sure enough she began to migrate back toward the middle and i was able to move again. silly girl!!

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Ashley Hester said...

Wow! I don't know if I would like that or not.. is that what I have to look forward to?? OUCH!!
Email me!! I haven't heard from you in forever!