Saturday, October 07, 2006

6 weeks left!!!!!!!!

wowzers, not much new. I havent seen my dr yet. that'll be next week. Still doing pretty good. She has grown alot. I have gone from getting up once at night to go to the bathroom to getting up 4-5 times a night. She is definilty squishing my bladder. i must say i enjoyed the sleep while it lasted. She moves around ALOT more, what happened to my sleeper???? she favors my right side especially my ribs(in my back) and rt pelvic. Picking up the kids toys is not so easy, putting kids shoes on is a chore too. i bought Matthew some Crocs to make it easier, he loves them and can put them on his self. I'll update more next week. Oh, no contractions or anything, so much different than matthews pg


Sheryl said...

You're picking up the kids' toys??? Girlfriend, now's the perfect time to make them start cleaning up their own messes ... you'll REALLY need the extra help after the baby arrives!

Lisa said...

thats no joke, i think as of about 2 days ago i can nolonger pick up stuff off the floor. it's become a How much do i really need what i just dropped, lol. def a good time for the kids to pick up after themselves.