Monday, October 16, 2006

Appt update

I had my appt last week and everything was good. He caught her heartbeat on an acceleration so he waited to make sure it went down to normal. There was a student in there so everone was talking and it was a real nice appt. He went to feel for her head above my pelvic bone and it wasnt there. She is diagonal, from my Rt ribs to my Lt hip. I have no idea what side her head is on. He said at my next appt if he cant feel her head then he'll take a peak with an ultrasound. I really hope she goes head down because it would suck to have to go with a c-section with my last delivery. I have put on 29#'s, not so bad. I go back next week and then weekly after that.


Ashley Hester said...

wow!! its getting closer!! I was six months preggo on sunday!! Ugh..i just realized though that go for 40 weeks which is really 9 1/2 months to 10 months! I was thinking WOW I only have 3 more months to go...ugh!
Hope she goes head down for ya!!
How could he tell where she was w/o an u/s??

Lisa said...

Its really cool. I always love when they do it but they literally grab the head from the outside of your belly. If your laying down on your back and the baby is head down they can take there hand and grab the head and actually move it. it would be right above your pelvic bone. With cody the Dr moved his head side to side. I thought it was funny. That was the first time it was ever done with me. So when he went to grab Abigails head there was nothing there. so he felt around my stomach to see her position and told me we'd check again next time.
Thats crazy your 6 months already. I remember when you emailed Ben that you were pg. Its going fast for you too. Just think, Thanks giving, Christmas and the New Yr and Miss Lily will almost be here.