Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Ben was surprised :o)

At how big my belly has gotten in the last couple days. I guess with his schedule he really hasnt seen me naked in a couple days and today when i got out of the shower his eyes 'bout popped out of his head and couldnt believe how big my stomach was. I agreed that it has gotten bigger because within the last couple days i have gotten way more uncomfortable and have a hard time getting in and out of the car, up off the couch and out of bed. He's afraid she's going to be huge. I will have to get my DVD out of when i was pg with Matthew to see how big i was (thanks Sheryl) with him. It's actually good that im getting uncomfortable because it was awful weird to fly threw this pregnancy the way i did without any real complaints. So hopefully i will get tired of it all to the point where labor sounds good. you know your ready when your wishing labor upon yourself.


Ashley Hester said...

Ben told me how big your belly had gotten!! He doesn't want a csection I know that!! When is your next dr appt??I wish I was as far along as you!!

Lisa said...

I go next week on Thursday. I'll have 3 weeks left then, WOW. He need not worry, I'll push this puppy out, LOL.