Monday, October 09, 2006

Surprise Baby Shower

Saturday we went up to Mo to go see our Nephew play football. We dropped him of for pre-game stuff and then we all went to go eat some really good mexican food. I had an Asada taco and a choriso taco, next time I'll get two of each they were so good. :o) then we headed to see the game. Well the guys watched the game while Anna and I watched the kids, LOL i think i saw 2 plays. Lets say it was weird to see Christian in colors other than Gold and Blue. After the game we went to see Lani and Annas house that they are having built and it is amazing, it's turning out really nice. Then we headed on to their house for dinner. well everyone went in before me because M had a poopie ( wonder if he planned it, lol) so i changed him in the car and went to go in and the door was kinda stuck and then they opened the door and i went in and the dinning room was decorated and i said oh, wow, then i thought "whos birthday is it?" then realized it was all in pink and said It's a Girl, it was for me and Abigail. I was so surprised. They did a great job keeping it a secret. We had the yummiest dinner. Chicken moley (sp?) Lani's famour guacamole and shrimp cocktail. Anna's famous rice, white and mexican. I ate so much then we had baby bootie cupcakes and pie for dessert. let me say the chicken and rice taste just as good cold as a leftover as it does heated. I ate the rest of it today :p Here are some pics from Sat, I'll take better ones of the clothes later.

more to come later blogger isnt up loading my other pics

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Ashley Hester said...

That is soo neat!! I'm glad you got a baby shower!!