Thursday, October 26, 2006

3 weeks left!!!!!!!!

as of tomorrow, But today was my appt. My Dr was in the middle of admitting 2 pt's so he came in real quick so we wouldn't have to wait. We took a peek at the misses and she was head down, yea!!!. she has a very round head. I measured fine, her heart rate was fine. So now we just wait. My Dr will be gone for 2 weeks so I wont see him until my last week so I'll be seeing someone else. oh, my GBS test came back positive so i'll be on antibiotics when i go into labor. I had it with cody and were they had the IV it really burned when they started the antibiotics, hopefully that wont be a problem this time.
So I wonder when she'll come???? I'm thinking Nov. 15th
forgot to add i have put on a total of 35#'s. I passed up Kaitlens weight gain. now not to pass up Thomas' and definitly not Codys.


Ashley Hester said...

Lisa why do you have to be put on antibiotics? What does the positive test mean? Sorry just wondering what test you had to take!
3 weeks is just around the corner! OMG!!

Lisa said...

i emailed you :o)