Friday, November 10, 2006

39 weeks, appt update

It's past midnight so im 39 weeks along. I had my appt and the Dr did an exam and there is NO CHANGE in my cervix, helloooo, nothing going on. i really havent had that many contractions so it's not all surprising, but at least a 2 or something. I see my regular dr on Thurs and as of now it looks like I'll make it to that appt. Though i measured 37 this time and last time 38 we have figured she has dropped which i told him explains why shes off of my ribs.
The misses gave us a scare. I woke up this morning at 5:30 and all of a sudden realised i couldnt remember the last time she moved. Then with all my might i couldnt get her to move. i wiggled and jiggled and pushed on her and she wouldnt budge. i ate some strawberries drank some water and still nothing. when Ben got up i told him and at 8 we called the drs office and instead of just uping my appt to the morning they sent us to L&D. so they put the monitor on and found her lovely heartbeat right away. It turns out she was moving, I just wasnt feeling it. (very weird) so they did a non stress test and she was fine. She did great through the contractions i was having. so we were sent home and ever so greatful it was all ok. she has since made up for the not moving episode and is kicking and jabbing away. so after Sunday we are going to work on getting this girl to come along. we'll see, she already has a mind of her own.

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Ashley Hester said...

ya ben sure scared me when he left yesterday! I'm soo glad she's okay!!!