Friday, November 24, 2006

Abigails Birth Story

Well on Tues night Ben went to bed with the kids except for Matthew. Matthew was fighting going to sleep. It was around 11:30 and he was still wondering around the house. So I finally get him in the bed and think. He's not going to sleep and I'll go into labor. So i get comfy and i probably fall asleep for a bit but wake up at 12:30 on 11-22-06 with the shakes/chills but not cold. So I go to the bathroom and feel a contraction. Then i get back in bed and the shakes get worse and so i get back up and another contraction comes. So i think one more contraction and I'll wake up Ben. I get another and let him know we need to get the kids ready. So him and Thomas get the kids ready and in the car and the contractions keep coming. The drive to the hospital was interesting. Braking during a contraction is so not fun. So we get to the hospital at 1:30 and into a room and they check me and im a 7. They come back in a half hour and im complete at 10 cm's. They bring everyone in, break down the table and everyone gets ready for the pushing. They break my water with my first push. The pain with the pushing was horrible. The contractions were twice as painful than when i was dialating and when i would push it literally doubled the pain. So pushing was going no where. I really wanted to get up. i asked if i could get out of bed and they said no, that if she went under my pelvic bone then she would deliver right then. (sounded good to me) I started to have all my contractions in my back and not being able to handle that anymore I told them i needed too get off my back and was told no again. At that point I decided to stop pushing and went back to breathing through the contractions. I didnt know it but i guess i had said it out loud that I wasnt pushing anymore, lol. Which explains why they put the bed back together and the nurses and Dr's left the rom. I was pretty glad when they left. When one of the nurses came back in I told her even though i was complete that I would really like an epidural. Thankfully she came back with my consent forms and the Anesthesiologist was paged in from home and he was as nice as could be and did an awesome job with it. So while all this was going on the Dr's were discussing a C-sec. They even had the OR room prepared and ready for me. They thought she was to big because she wouldnt descend. I thought to myself, you've got to be kidding me. Plan for a c/s but not give me an epidural hours ago when i asked. So as soon as i layed back in bed with the epi all the Dr's and nurses came back in and I was told the OR was set up and that i need to push, but they won't use anything to assist in pulling her out. I thought OKKkkk. All i needed was some pain control. I pushed the misses out in 5 minutes. There was never a need for a C/S. She would have been born hours before if someone would have *listened* to mom. So at 5:14 am on 11-22-06 Little miss Abigail Betty Jo Velasco enter the world and our hearts and lives. She looked soooo tiny to me but was 9.8 and 21 1/2" long. She has black hair. More hair at birth than Kaitlen at 1 yr old. Kaitlen is a little mama to her. It is very sweet. Matthew is just amazed at her.


Sheryl said...

Congratulations again! She is absolutely beautiful, and I know you all (especially you!) are so thankful to have her here. What a wonderful Thanksgiving present! Celebrate with LOTS of turkey tomorrow :-)

I've been telling everybody about that AWESOME blanket and cap your sister-in-law made ... please let me know as quickly as you can find out where I can get that pattern!!! My needle and hook are ready! LOL

Ashley Hester said...

I am soo excited!! I would love to see her but I have a cold right now and didn't think going to the hospital would be a great idea! As soon as I'm over this though I would love to see lil miss Abigail!!! Congrats Again!!!