Sunday, November 05, 2006

I got her some stuff :o)

I went to go get her some recieving blankets and onsies and ended up getting her a blanket, socks and a couple outfits. I hadn't bought her anything untill now. Kaitlen can't wait to put the socks on her. :o)


Sheryl said...

How exciting!! Well, I guess I will exchange the newborn stuff I got her ... she looks like she's set for the next year! :-) I can just feel your excitement over Abigail's soon arrival and can't wait to see her. Promise you'll let us know when she's here!

Lisa said...

you are so sweet Sheryl. I am hoping to get an email out of when i go to the hospital. You are more than welcome to come see her there or at home too. The kids too. I love seeing them.