Monday, November 20, 2006

I'd Ground Her

But that would mean she would have to be out off her room first before i could ground her!!!!!!
When I got there they did a non stress test and it was fine. Then the Dr came in and checked me and said i was not dialated and we told him that the hospital said i was 2cm. He said they were probably stretching with there fingers. So when he checked again he said MAYBE 1 1/2 cm. I think he was being nice when he said that. My cervix is soft though. Ssssoooooo we are scheduled for an induction on Fri at 7am. They also sent me for an ultrasound to measure my amniotic fluid which measured normal according to the tech.
You know she has been kick back this whole pg that it isn't really all that surprising that she isn't HERE YET!!
The Dr did say that with her being my fifth that he would think I'd cough and have her, I think we all thought that.
I have put on 39#'s i was up to 40#'s but last week went down a pound and have stayd there.


Ashley Hester said...

ugh!! She is taking her time!! I'm glad ben got the baby out of the car today!!

Lisa said...

I know, glad we happened to be there. Once he had the slim jim it was literally a micro second to open the door. Once Ben was in the store her husband showed up and she hugged him for a while so I imagine she was pretty upset once it was all over.