Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Still Here

Poor Ben wasn't expecting to go to work today. He was hoping I would have gone into labor last night. The night went fine, as far as i know i didnt have any contractions. I slept ok, just many bathroom breaks. We were talking last night and with Kaitlen when we had left his moms house and that whole day i had no signs that i would be going into labor. I went to bed at about 11:30 and couldnt get comfortable so i went on the couch to sleep and after a bit realised it was having contractions in my back and then after about a half hour i couldnt handle the pain anymore so i woke up ben. He took the kids across the street and we headed to the hospital. hers started out of the blue and progressed really fast. So maybe thats how this will go??

Last night we ate Pollo Rico, way yummy. I had the chicken tacos and pollo adobado. They are so nice there. they always give us something extra. I'f we lived closer to there we'd be in trouble. We are planning on eating there "for Abigail" some time after she's born. I'm not sure if we'll cater it home or eat there. not that we need a reason to eat there. It's just really good.


Ashley Hester said...

Gosh you're soo close...I wish I were as close as you!! Love the lil' carseat tester!! How cute!! Can't wait!! (apparently neither can Ben!)

Lisa said...

I know poor Ben, so antsie pantsies. I think that now that he's at work he's a little better about it. I just hope he's home when it starts because i would hate for him to have to drive. I'd be afraid he'd wreck or get a ticket.

Sheryl said...

There's always my trampoline! It really does work :-)

Hope all turns out perfectly for you and that there are NO wrecks and/or tickets involved!

Lisa said...

LoL, I've thought of that. to bad it's raining today. Ben brought up caster oil but i just dont think i could do that. Maybe I'll go skipping around the house - after i wash some laundry. I tell ya every time i turn around i find something else to wash.